July / Aug 2017

INSIDE BKB (Feature Film) - Online & Colourist JP Davidson

Feature length documentary explores the rise of bare knuckle boxing in the UK

July / Aug 2017

FANGED UP (Feature Film)  - Colourist JP Davidson

Comedy horror premiered at Fright Fest this year

Jun / July  2017

Sri Lanka Airlines (Ad) -  Colourist JP Davidson


Mar / Apr 2017

K.Flay BLACK WAVE (Music Video) - Colourist JP Davidson

Mar / April 2017

Life Of Agony WORLD GONE MAD (Music Video) - Colourist JP Davidson,

Apr 2017

EVEREST The South West Face (Documentary) - Online & Colourist JP Davidson 

Documentary about the 1975 Southwest Face expedition.


Feb 2017

Tom Speight WILLOW (4th promo) - Director/Editor JP Davidson

Jan 2017

Freddy Syborn DAMASCENE (feature film) - Colourist JP Davidson

Freddy Syborn's unique feature film all shot on head cams whilst cycling through London.